ISSN: 1814-9669

Volume 11, Issue 44

Volume 11, Issue 44, Autumn 2016, Page 1-180

The reality of heavy equipment import and forecast for the period 2020/2014 using the ARIMA model Applied and analytical study in the southern ports / Basra.

Economic Sciences, Volume 11, Issue 44, Pages 1-27

The researchers tried in this research shed light on the import activity of heavy equipment in South Alpmnavz because of its significant role in the process of achieving growth in various fields, and then predict the future reality of this activity by using the time-series models ARIMA monthly data on the number of imported heavy equipment to Iraq for the period (January II / 2008 July / 2014) through the southern ports (Umm Qasr, north and south, Safwan, Abu Flus) because of "what characterizes these models of high accuracy and flexibility in time-series analysis.

An Analysis of Indicators of Economic Security for Individual in Iraq

Economic Sciences, Volume 11, Issue 44, Pages 28-45

The aim of achieving economic security for individuals should be on the top of national priorities and the interests of any state in modern age, as it is closely related to the individual's life and to the management of state resources in the one hand, and its direct effect on determining the individual's income, on the other.
The problem of having a job, and then stable income for Iraqis, became complicated for the successive governments, nearly since 1980. This led to the spread of poverty and ignorance, as the governments are unable to provide job opportunities for Iraqi citizens due to political and economic reasons especially after 2003. In addition to that, the absence of strategic planning caused more disruption in the structure of the Iraqi economy

Measuring factors affecting the sovereign credit worthiness in Egypt for the period (1970-2015).

Economic Sciences, Volume 11, Issue 44, Pages 46-74

The remaining funding problems and the debt of the most significant problems that require standing in front of her strongly to try to bridge the first and to prevent aggravation Second, and rating agencies, but the embodiment of the investors' need urgent and borrowers to know the determinants and factors creditworthiness to bridge the existing information, including a gap, was the adoption of the State of Egypt for the period) 1970-2015) , the adoption of the partial amendment Niralov model, and the desire to provide information about the level of risk by lending to governments and institutions, and to evaluate the solvency and the desire to fulfill the debt to meet current and future financial undertakings on time, nor is the degree classification absolute truth but expected to put an immediate financial institution was infallible Kindle infect, as happened in 2007 when he gave the agency has assigned a credit aloft leaves the US mortgage and there was the financial crisis, and although it remains creditworthiness indicators the most important criteria for assessing the likelihood of the risk of non-payment by the borrower to the value of the loan owed him, because for this category of significant impact on the markets financial and macroeconomic, large potential physical and human large and expertise to carry out all types of credit ratings, have we reached the following conclusion, that the debt service is the variable base interpreter of the deterioration of merit in the short term, and that the creditworthiness for the level of a few flexibility of debt service in the short-term and long-term and that the high flexibility of the liquidity index gives a clear picture of the Egyptian economy in the repayment of external obligations in the short term.

Control Quality Product and its Impact on Improving the Performance of Operations Cases Study in Kirkuk Cement Plant

Economic Sciences, Volume 11, Issue 44, Pages 75-98

Industrial organizations that get a significant share in the market competition is through the provision of appropriate dimensions for the performance of products and processes that meet the needs and desires of customers to an end either, Where should those defect-free products and conform to the specifications of international quality and the dimensions of the operational performance be in a time of one, that's up paying these organizations to rely on setting statistical quality because of their affair in helping those organizations to detect deviations in product and process in a corrective to enhance the dimensions Maps operational performance (cost, quality, delivery, innovation), In this sense the present study aims to control the product and its impact on improving the operational performance quality through a Cases in cement Kirkuk laboratory study, and after reviewing the records in the quality department at the lab, it was necessary for the data collection years 2014-2015 and analyzed by monitoring indicators the quality and standards of operational performance In light of the results of the analysis it has been mapping Quality control by the statistical program Excel to determine the average flaws and limits of Supreme Audit and the world and find out which products fall within the control or not, and then the study has reached a number of conclusions and suggestions that fit the nature of the current study.
Key word: control, quality product, performance operations .

The Effect of The Working Capital Management on Performance Measurements in Iraq's Manufacturing Sector

Economic Sciences, Volume 11, Issue 44, Pages 99-124

The aim of this Study to examine and Analysis the effect of the Working Capital Management on the Profitability and Liquidity and Risk for thirteen of Iraqi's Manufacturing Companies are listed in Iraq Stock Exchange for the period from 2005 to 2013 , the study used the Cash Conversion Cycle as independent Variable and used the ROA and ROE and EPS to measure the profitability , and used the Liquidity ratio and the Quick Ratio to measure the Liquidity , and finally used the Standard Deviation to measure the Risk as depends Variables, the study's result shows :
1- There is a negative significant relationship between the CCC and the ROA and EPS .
2-There is a positive relationship between the CCC and the ROE and positive relationship with the quick ratio and the standard deviation as well .
3-There is no relationship between the CCC and the liquidly ratio.

The Mediator Role of Wastes Reduction to Inforcement Relationship between Autonomous Maintenance and basic procedures of maintenance (5S) and improving operational performance: A Survey Study in AL-Fayhaa company of ready construction Ltd.

Economic Sciences, Volume 11, Issue 44, Pages 125-180

Purpose: To detect the relationship between the Autonomous Maintenance and basic procedures of maintenance 5S, and reduce Wastes as a variable mediator, and its impacts on improving operational performance.
Design / Methodology / Approach: Questionnaire was developed to ensure existence of the relationship between the variables of the study, and depending on the random sample, were distributed to 73 questionnaire on administrators and Technicians in Alfayhaa company of ready construction, and analyzed by a program (AMOS v.21 and SPSS v.21 ),
Findings: showed a knowledge gap is concerned with determining the nature of the relationship between Autonomous Maintenance and basic procedures of maintenance 5S, Wastes reducing, and thus impacts on improving operational performance, as well as been confirmed the existence of a statistical relationship between research variables, so the company needs to develop maintenance activities and implementation of Autonomous Maintenance and basic procedures of maintenance 5S, to achieve the maximum benefit from the maintenance resources, and the continued improvement of the level of operational performance.
Limitations of Study: the difficulty of identifying the company field of study, there were some complications in the provision of data, considering that the company is this data it is possible to affect its competitive position in the market.
Practical Implications: You can benefit from the findings of the study, that the interest in improving maintenance practices at the company has reduced wastes ratios, which is reflected in improved operational performance of the company, so the increased interest in this area will increase the company's chances of achieving its goals and objectives.