ISSN: 1814-9669

Volume 11, Issue 43

Volume 11, Issue 43, Summer 2016, Page 1-150

The Direct and Indirect Inflation Targeting Policy and the Extent of its Contribution to the Administration of the Monetary Policy in Iraq.

D. Hussein J.Kazem

Economic Sciences, Volume 11, Issue 43, Pages 1-25

Success achieved by inflation targeting policy as a mechanism for controlling prices increasing led to an increase in the number of countries applying it (weather developed or developing ).And Iraq as one of these countries that pursue to adopt this mechanism to manage its monetary policy and controlling on prices volatility after 2003.But the elements of direct inflation targeting within its different forms (rate, range or upper limit) are not available currently. And throughout descriptive and quantitative analysis we found that these tools does not have short –run affection on price index, and its effect appears just on the long- run. Also the result of the analysis have showed that the exchange rate is the most effective tool "relatively " in influencing the price index in the long-run comparing with interest rate and money aggregate.

Export credit insurance as a tool To develop non-traditional exports in selected Arab countries

Dr. Saidi wasaif

Economic Sciences, Volume 11, Issue 43, Pages 26-45

The penetration to new international markets is a crucial and difficult operation to developing countries exporters, in addition to lack of banking financing, this leads to the creation of Credit Insurance Systems. These systems facilitate financing from Banks and avoid different risks facing economic operator in international markets.
The main aim of this study is to demystify Export credit insurance systems in three Arabic countries: Tunisia, Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

The challenges of Iraqi water security and the options available to achieve it Research paper from the Master Thesis tagged (effects of Turkish water projects in Iraq)

Iyad K. Ali; Dr. Abdul R. Yusuf

Economic Sciences, Volume 11, Issue 43, Pages 46-64

Iraq suffers from a water problem of internal and external factors, factors interior is increasing demand, due to population growth and the increasing requirements of economic development, as well as the climatic changes that are seeing more drought and scarcity of rain and high temperatures, and the intensification of evaporation, which increases the water wastage in agriculture , and the problems of water pollution to a large limits exceeded Standards set by the Iraqi state, while external factors, they include policies upstream countries (Turkey), through the construction of dams and projects on the basins of the Tigris and Euphrates, the leading exporters of surface water in Iraq, as well as a decline in the quantity and quality of water received through Tigris and Euphrates rivers, to levels that do not meet basic needs, which has become a threat to food security.

The impact of liquidity in evaluating the performance efficiency of the Iraq Stock Exchange

L. Sahira A. Khader; D. Wafa A. Sulta

Economic Sciences, Volume 11, Issue 43, Pages 65-92

This study aimed to evaluate the efficiency of Iraq's financial market, represented by (banking sector, insurance sector, investment sector, the service sector, industry, the hotel sector, the tourism sector, and the agriculture sector, and the telecommunications sector), and launched search from the premise that there is an effect relationship significantly between the liquidity and efficiency of the market, where he was studying trades and percentage as an indicator of liquidity and the study of traded stock index for efficient Alsoq.otousel search to a number of conclusions, including no significant relationship between the liquidity and efficiency of the market with the exception of sector investment services sector Mmaadallal the ineffectiveness of monetary liquidity in the sectors above and the following reflection negative impact on access to the efficiency of themarket .

The proposed framework for the disclosure of the cost of quality in the Unified Accounting System ( Applied study at the General Company for the manufacture of fertilizer/South region )

D.Nazem H. .A; L.Jalil I. Saleh

Economic Sciences, Volume 11, Issue 43, Pages 93-116

Growing interest in quality has become a matter of management attention, customer and strategic targets industrial companies , the attention to quality was accompanied by attention with the qualities costs , and became the target companies improve quality and reduced costs at the same time, and so the quality and cost are a part of important from competitive advantages for the company , so it has become accounting play a role important in the disclosure of the cost of quality, as well as all the production costs in the financial statements. The research aims to declare the quality cost in independently way from the production costs in the proposed framework for the disclosure of those costs in the Unified accounting system and including meet the needs of Beneficiaries Display , researchers concludes their best set of conclusions and recommendations that can serve the company, as well as the development side of disclosure during the reformulation of the Unified accounting system in this area .

Markov models in Statistical analysis and Forecasting to Prepare the injured and deseased cancer diseases for children in the [14-0] age group in the province of Basra , An Empirical study of the presidency of the basra health records for the period (2008-2011).

Dr .Fawzia G. Omar; Raghda H. Turki

Economic Sciences, Volume 11, Issue 43, Pages 117-150

ive been the province of basra in periods of the nineties and the beginning of 2003 to the environmental pollution as well as greenhouse gas emissions to an the proportion of cancer morbidity in the whole of Iraq in basra province in particular , and for all age groubs, including the category of children (0-14) .AS a result of environmental pollution grand suffered by the Iraqi environment by wars, especially in southern iraq , increased cancer diseases as well as the emergence of diseases peculiar other most important diseases , cancer of the blood which was not known in Iraq . Therefor Through Aldrashtm predict the numbers injured and deceased disease cancer of childhood in the province Basra, using Markov chains in statistical analysis. And the development of a certain mathematical formula linking Markov chains and dynamic programming to predict the future , in the study of random processes characterized by the condition in the past . This type of random processes called Markov processes . A To predict that the exast prominent and important role what will be the decision – making process . And give avision for the future of what will be the variables and phenomena vialmstqubl . The success of the buttock is usually measured accurately and prediction methods including that form the basis it is clear onalaslob in the basic information for health instutions and research centers and The development of health policy for the actual health institutions to take advantageof the scientific study of applied in the fiald of childhood .