ISSN: 1814-9669

Volume 10, Issue 37

Volume 10, Issue 37, Spring 2015, Page 1-191

Dynamic analysis of unemployment in Iraq for the years (1990-2010)

Prof.Dr.Zahra H. Abbas; Ashwaq Oda Jabbar

Economic Sciences, Volume 10, Issue 37, Pages 1-32

We have addressed the study of the phenomenon of unemployment in Iraq by focusing on the underlying government policies and advocating economic and determine the mechanisms in place within the development program.
Assuming the economic development process is the accumulation of material has been studied from the standpoint of the availability of jobs the fact that the contribution of this paper has been through the test of the relationship between the growth rate of real GDP and the unemployment rate in the short and long term , through ways of measuring economic time series analysis using cointegration and error correction model and then prove the existence of a synchronous integration . And coupling all of that to build an econometrics model for the unemployment rate , has been through the study of the most important economic and social changes that enable mitigation of the size of unemployment in the short and long term in light of the goals of economic development, pre-set a real GDP and the money supply and the inflation rate and the rate of active population, and it is consistent with the availability of information and time series from 1990 to 2010.
The method of error correction (VECM) was used in the study of the econometrics model , the results has been reached of the study can be considered valid in view of the statistical tests and the findings of the dynamic analysis technique which does not neglect the hypothesis of the stability of time-series, which is the essence of the econometrics studies .

Analysis of the impact of Dutch disease on the capacity of the Iraqi economy

Assist.Prof.Dr.YousifA.Alasadi; Re. Maytham A. Rodhan

Economic Sciences, Volume 10, Issue 37, Pages 33-56

Despite the positive role played by the oil revenues of the Iraqi economy through its contribution to the formation GDP and raise the volume of total exports and finance the general budget , but those returns have had negative repercussions large and dangerous has led to the deepening of the structural imbalance of the economy Iraqi and pushed toward more reliance on oil revenues on one side, and higher rates of unemployment than the other side , through the injury the Iraqi economy Dutch disease , which led to a decline in the volume capacity of the Iraqi economy because of the reluctance to invest in the areas of commodity exchange ( the agricultural sector and the industrial sector manufacturing ), but in order to raise the size of the capacity to correct the structural imbalance and raise operating rates in the Iraqi economy must restrict and reduce the effects of Dutch disease on goods sectors reciprocity being the sectors that reliable much higher rates of production away from the dominance of oil revenues as well as its significant role in the absorption of unemployment.

Testing the Bank Sector at Weak Form Efficiency in Iraq Stock Exchange for Period (2004-2014): An empirical Study

Zeravan Abdulmuhsen Asaad

Economic Sciences, Volume 10, Issue 37, Pages 57-80

This paper aims to examine the weak-form of efficiency of Iraq stock exchange (ISX) for all individual banks which are listed in the stock market using monthly closing price for ten years (2004-2014). The current study proposed the hypothesis which investigated utilizing parametric and nonparametric tests, all tests results revealed that all individual banks are inefficient at the weak-form. As results, this study concluded that the bank’s stock price which listed in the Iraq stock exchange does not reflect all the historical information and abnormal profits opportunity can be exploited by using the past stock prices to predict the future stock prices.

The relationship between structure of finance and profitability of the company .Empirical study on a sample of industrial companies sector in Iraq exchange market for period (2004-2011)

Assist.Prof.Dr.Abdulkhalek Albadran; Re. Adela Hatem Naseh

Economic Sciences, Volume 10, Issue 37, Pages 81-110

This study aims to reveal the relationship between the financial structure and the profitability of Iraqi companies in industrial sector which listed in Iraq financial market. That will be measured by the return on assets in order to achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher depended on published financial data of (14) companies for the period (2004-2011).
Statistical methods were used to analyze the data, especially the simple regression, in addition other methods (mean and standard deviations) .
After analyzing the data and testing the hypothes, the main findings are the following; there is no relationship between the independent variable represent by debt and dependent variables represented by the return on assets.

The reality of electronic management in service organizations And the possibility of their application Case study in the municipality of Basra Directorate

Dr.Orooba R. Albadran; Assist.Lect. Abdulreda N. Mohsin

Economic Sciences, Volume 10, Issue 37, Pages 111-148

The objective : exploring the ability of implementing E- management in Basra municipality Directorate .
The scope : Basra municipality Directorate.
Methodology and method : case study .
Key question : Can be applied electronic management in Basra municipality Directorate
Collecting data method : check list .
Important result : Provide the environment and some of the possibilities which help apply the electronic management in the Directorate under study

The Relationship between Financial leverage ratio and WACC in exchange financial market indices: An Aanalysis study in set of companies within the Iraqi exchange market

Assist. Lect. Mohammad J. Mohammed

Economic Sciences, Volume 10, Issue 37, Pages 149-191

Aims study to statement relationship ratio Financial Leverage and WACC in stock market indices, achieve this goal has been hypotheses, there is no correlation between the ratio and the effect of Financial leverage and cost of capital weighted performance indicators and financial market, Main Antaúj multiplicity of standards of some components weighted cost of capital, leading to everything from the differences in the results when you using any of them. The study included number of recommendations, most notably relying on wacc in making many investment decisions .