ISSN: 1814-9669

Volume 9, Issue 35

Volume 9, Issue 35, Summer 2014, Page 1-170

Territorial intelligence and its role in the implementation of regional development’s strategies: Case of Algeria

Prof. Wesam Day

Economic Sciences, Volume 9, Issue 35, Pages 1-38

This study aims to clarify the importance of business intelligence as a public policy sheet to activate the partnership between the social - economic actors and state within the intervention intelligent of the latter through drop the elements of business intelligence with regional strategies to make a real national development; on the one hand and to enhance the competitiveness and attractiveness of regions and local sustainable regional development what is known as the territorial intelligence with the reading of reality of the case of Algeria, on the other hand.
This research has been co
ncluded after reviewing the mechanisms of territorial intelligence and steps activated and as well as inventory gains national and identify deficiencies after about 15 years of the launch of business intelligence in Algeria to achieve regional and national development needs to give wider powers to the local authorities with giving greater flexibility to the legislative framework in order to encourage local initiatives and dissemination of regional governance.

Analysis of the Bank's Ability which are Operating in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to Meet the Investment Law

Dr.Byar M. Rasheed; Dr. Zerfan A. Asaad

Economic Sciences, Volume 9, Issue 35, Pages 39-71

This study aims to determine the ability of banks operating in the Kurdistan region of Iraq to fulfill the requirements of huge projects that was completed after the issuance of the investment law, as it consists study population consisted of managers and heads of departments in the government and private banks operating in Kurdistan region as a sample for the study which were selected randomly in three provinces in the region and the number of questionnaires distributed to a sample study are 95 questionnaires while we were receiving 34 questionnaires valid for analysis at a rate of 86% of the study population. Then the researchers used statistical method (Minitab) to achieve the goals of research. the most important findings of the researchers that the banks is unable to catch up with the minimum requirements of the new investments in Kurdistan region in all sectors to not possess capital sufficient to finance projects, the most Important recommendations reached by the researchers is to increase the paid up capital and number of shareholders for each bank individually, and carry out mergers to increase the (quality and number) of banking services provided.

Estimate the Parameter Measurement in one – time dividend works until failure with practical application

Lec. Baydaa E. Abdul-Wahab

Economic Sciences, Volume 9, Issue 35, Pages 72-87

This paper deals with the distribution of test time works until the failure of a sample of (45) observations in Fallujah cement plant , representing time engage in the mills limestone in days, we found that its distribution is two parameters ( ), shape parameter ( ), and measure parameter ( ), tested was conducted for the goodness of fit, and ensuring from the distribution, so our work to estimate the parameters of this distribution especially measure parameter ( ), estimated tested by maximum likelihood method, moments and least square, the results compared by using ( (, for samples with size ( ), by repeating each experiment ( ), the research include also the application part in white Fallujah cement plant which is an important material building

Application of different statistical tests to measure the compatibility on health data relating to chronic disease taken from al-yarmouk teaching hospital

Assist. Lec. Hadeel M. Kadhim; Assist. Lec.Maysoon H. Faraj

Economic Sciences, Volume 9, Issue 35, Pages 88-120

This paper deals with constructing and application of some statistical tests, in order to test the hypothesis related with chronic disease, taken from a national information center for treating chronic disease which have been established at Yarmuk hospital in Baghdad. The data taken represents; (A: Diabetes Mellitus), (B: Hyper Tension), (C: Cardio Disease), (D: Encephala Apathy), (E: Gastric ulcer), and finally (F: Bronchial Asthma). This multi attribute disease is considered with ages of patients as well as the sex, although the continued validation and review was done by cooperating the efforts of doctors and physicians and helper, but in this research we introduce statistical test in simple method and with special program written using Minitab. The test regarding the relations between all six chronic disease with age and with sex to test various hypothesis related with subject of research in order to satisfy the aims required from these statistical test.

The Use of Genetic Algorithms in the Process of Distribution of loans in Banks

Assist. Lec.Bushra A. Shtayt

Economic Sciences, Volume 9, Issue 35, Pages 121-134

Banks are the financial institutions that provide the customers with money services like loans which they need for implementing investment or personal projects which they play a great role in the economic development and the prosperity of the country, thus, the private sector has had an effective contribution to compete with the public sector, since there are a large number of customers it should develop a mechanism of regulation requires precision and flexibility to handle those loans , it should be there a mechanism of organization(order) that has accurance and flexibility in dealing with the distribution of these lends accurately to overcome any way that may cause damage to the two hands(lender and the bank).For the aim of the huge increase for using banks in providing lends and the increase of operations (ways) used here, and to overcome any money problems followed by officials in granting lends for unqualified persons or they not cover the terms (conditions) used by the bank. Therefore, it is necessary now to use expert system that presents the experts and rules used by the bank, to help the banks in taking any decisions to overcome such problems.
The government and local banks suffer from problem of distributing lends in an ideal way, depending on the information that the lender provides specially, when there is a great number of lenders; This work needs great efforts in the process of choosing and distributing the lenders in the disable systems. The use of data rule system (Access) in writing the important data (information of the lender and the bailer as well) for the experted system, and then building to select the lender depending on data of evaluation stand on some important fields that found within the main data base and by using the language of visual basic VB.

The possibility of the using budget programs and performance in investment projects of local government in the province of basrah

Assist. Prof. Abdul-Mahdi Abbas; Re. Bahaa F. Madhi

Economic Sciences, Volume 9, Issue 35, Pages 135-170

The resources of budgeting the development of regions of the province of Basrah are limited by a specific number of factors such as population and the degree of deprivation as well as for its production and export of the subjects of crude oil and natural gas. And these resources affected by the level of production and natural and economic circumstances, Hence this study developed a method of investment budget for the province of Basrah to ensure better performance and increase the ability to evaluate the performance, and that the budget programs and performance through partitioning software to activities This process helps to measure the cost of the activities and government programs that the local government of the province to implement and learn the real return of the implementation of this budget and the optimal use in efficient allocation of resources and rationalization of government spending.