ISSN: 1814-9669

Volume 9, Issue 33

Volume 9, Issue 33, Winter 2014, Page 1-190

Agricultural Policies in Algeria Way to Achieve Food Security

Assis.Prof. Hashimi Tayeb

Economic Sciences, Volume 9, Issue 33, Pages 1-42

Preoccupied issue of food security interest Algeria since independence in 1962 to the present day, through several attempts to reform the agricultural sector and enact agricultural policies, and Algeria is one of the first countries in the world to food-importing, invoice food reached in 2006 food bill amounted to 3.6 billion US dollars compared with 2.4 billion in 2004 , the oil revenues alone are provide foreign cash to pay this bill , as is the case for the scheme of the National agricultural Development 2001, would raise the productive capacity of the sector, which was launched to meet the growing needs of population , and affordability of the majority is that the deficit in the trade balance of the food and the continuing rise in the food import bill, keep the food security problem list, which means that agriculture Algerian known deficit chronic needs of domestic demand, particularly in the field of grain to continue to do so subordination to the outside, and thus will be the task of the agricultural sector is not achieve self –sufficiency in the field of food which is impossible under the current data as much attention to improving the level of food security .

Analysis of the problem of unemployment in Iraq for the period (2003-2008)

Assis.P.Dr. Hussam A.D.Z. Binayan

Economic Sciences, Volume 9, Issue 33, Pages 43-85

This study deals with the problem of unemployment in Iraq. It takes into consideration the economic and social and effects on the people and the foundations of society in Iraq. It is a dangerous state and its dangers rose from increasing the number of unemployed. Besides it is a very important subject in Iraqi economy. Therefore, it must be studied to show its causes, kinds and how to deal with it to decline its impacts. This study deals with problem from three sections. The first deals with the status of the problem. While the second showed the causes of it. The third deals with how to decline its effects . Finally the research got some conclusions and findings of the study.

Study the status of Iraqi population 1960 – 2010

Assis. P. Dr. Ali H. Almashhadani

Economic Sciences, Volume 9, Issue 33, Pages 86-109

The human being has great importance in the world countries in respect of economic side, and through the deveopment of the population States develop . The population in Iraq is one of the most important element for the process of economic development through skilled manpower that contributes in the economic reform . Therefore, the population in Iraq, especially the economically active contributing in the formulation of developed economic policy in the health, service and cultural areas

Greater Arab Free Trade Zone as mechanism to activate Arab economic integration

Assis.Prof . Zahia Lemmoshi

Economic Sciences, Volume 9, Issue 33, Pages 110-136

The primary objective of this study is trying to assess the importance of the Greater Arab Free Trade zone and its potential economic, as well as follow-up results and developments from the perspective of the Arab economic integration, as it is the appropriate entrance which takes into account the existing disparity between the situation of the Arab economies and gradually working to coordinate including economic policies, is also considered one of the methods that enable economies of Arab integration in the global economy and respond to the requirements of the World Trade Organization, and then the prospective future of the region, especially in light of the major challenges they face

The Effect of Employment Stability on the organization performance of financial units in Academic Institutions

Assis. P. Dr. Jasim R. Athari

Economic Sciences, Volume 9, Issue 33, Pages 137-165

The aim of this research is to put emphasize on the importance of employment stability and its Influence on the organization performance of financial units which represent one of direct executive parties to the accounting and the financial policies and regulations within educational institutions.
The research was applied to a sample of financial units at each faculty within Maysan University as well as technical institute of Amarah . The research was based on a hypothesis that (the organization performance of financial units in educational institutions is determined by the level of stability employment of their employees).
The researchers applied the descriptive procedure in theoretical part and analysis in the practical part of research. The outcome of the research is a number of important conclusions among which; the statistical analysis showed that employment stability through principle dependent variables has a positive and meaningful relationship with the organization performance of financial units within the Educational institutions .

Mechanisms of Success in the Process of Evaluating the Performance of the Institutions

Dr. Murad Kwashi

Economic Sciences, Volume 9, Issue 33, Pages 166-190

The aim of this study is to reveal the reality of the performance appraisal process in the public institutions of cement in Algerian .There we have adopted the method of scanning the overall study of population, which consists of all public institutions of cement in Algeria. We have intentionally directed the questionnaire to four directors of each institution: Director of Finance and Accounting, commercial Director, Human Resources Manager, and Director of Supply. Accordingly, it is estimated that the sample size is 48 Director but the number of questionnaires that were answered o 40 form. We have reached through this study to many of the results the most important use of most public institutions of cement in Algeria traditional methods in the evaluation of its performance, and that most of the indicators used to evaluate the performance of these institutions are indicators of operating predominantly financial, it is also indicators that reflect only the internal aspects of this institutions.