ISSN: 1814-9669

Volume 8, Issue 29

Volume 8, Issue 29, Winter 2013, Page 1-297

The status of marshes in Basra and its future

Sonia Arzna

Economic Sciences, Volume 8, Issue 29, Pages 1-26

In northern sector of Basra, there are group of marshes. Some of them are permanent, and other are seasonal. The permanent marshes are called( Al-hmaar)( Al-hwaiza) and( Al-girna). These marshes play a great role in Basra economy which they are rich with plants, animals, and aquatic birds and fish, as well as the oil deposits. in spite of that, these marshes have been suffered from a major environmental catastrophe, represented by the process of drying that led to the destruction of the marshes ecosystem. Therefore, the objective of the research is to study the Basra marshes to show their reality, economic and environmental importance and the relative problems. Finally finding an appropriate strategy for the advancement of that painful status of marshes.

The role of economic teaching

Wael Qasim Rashid

Economic Sciences, Volume 8, Issue 29, Pages 27-79

The research focuses on the possibility of transferring the educational sector in Basra from merely consumptive sector to an investing productive one through the exceeding of its social and private returns upon its expenditures and costs .This requires studying the status of the costs,expenditures, finance, in addition to the real and expected return as indicators to the educative economic variables and depending on them as a critical way for effective educational planning and appraisal that are important to develop the educational status in Basra . The educational planner in Basra can't establish a strong relation between educational planning, to make productive and beneficial education, in spite of the annual increasing in the problems of educational costs and expenditure and its financing, because of the growing social demand on education.
This research covers the period 2003-2009, and its concerns with three educational levels( primary,secondary,&handicraft ) because they are of the most effect upon economic activity .

Approaches for strategic decision making and their relation with performance, empirical study in Iraqi organizations

Mansoor; Taher Mohsin

Economic Sciences, Volume 8, Issue 29, Pages 80-112

Approaches for strategic decision making and their relation with performance, empirical study in Iraqi organizations
The recent environment of business requires absolute develop their strategic decisions according to relevant approaches, depending on certain mechanisms and flexible methods to make decisions. the staying of high management using the traditional methods to make decisions will lead to make problems, which difficult to solve later.
In this paper we outline certain approaches about strategic decisions making then an empirical study was under taken in Iraqi organizations in Basrah.
Through which we try to find the nature of the relationship among the strategic decision making and the performance of those organizations.

The impact of corporate governance on developing the transparency system of the top management : An empirical study in the state company of Iraqi ports

Muslim Allawi Shibley

Economic Sciences, Volume 8, Issue 29, Pages 113-139

The research aims to identify the impact of Governance management on Transparency, in order to develop Transparency system for General State of Iraq Ports, The problem of the research is : Needing the Transparency system for solving corruption phenomenon in General State of Iraq Ports . The research depend on the following hypothesis : The relationship between Governance management and Transparency help to build transparency system for top management of General State of Iraqi Ports .
The result revealed that there is ( possibility for building Transparency system for the top management of General State of Iraqi Ports .

performance Evaluation of high risk health Jobs

Economic Sciences, Volume 8, Issue 29, Pages 140-170

The leadership of health in the local hospitals plays vital role because of the country environmental circumstances. Iraq has been involved in three reckless wars, which cost it plenty victim of people.
Therefore, the country is need to effective staff of specialist leadership and qualified with fresh knowledge to achieve their missions to achieve their targets. The results of these wars caused high number of death, most of them are young or middle age.
Now the people who in charge in decision making suppose to be take action for their risky problem, this study will contribute to achieve the goal to maintain of survival of people from the case study including three factors as follows
- The theory aspect of studied.
- The implementation.
- Finally, conclusion ,finding out and Recommendations.
By the way,
The researcher is willing to provide any advice or support at any hospital in any time, to implement the criteria's of this studies .

The Methodical treatment of knowledge management areas and functions in Business Organization ( A Case Study in the General Company for the manufacture of fertilizers / Southern Region)

Economic Sciences, Volume 8, Issue 29, Pages 171-209

The research problem focuses on the methodical, theoretical, and applicable treatment of knowledge production management areas and functions in a business organization chosen for this purpose .
The purpose of research in an attempt to build a methodical, and applicable conception of the possibilities to design a knowledge management system of four functional structural divisions-related to knowledge processes-in the organization under study .
The research hypothesis was proven using filed test, by proving the possibility to build knowledge management system, designed on creative conceptual system adopted by the research .
The structure the research was design on the sequence of the following methodical steps; The determination of the conceptual system of the research, the filed test of the research subject, the methodical and applicable treatment of the research problem, purpose and hypothesis .

Application of the financial engineering by using the credit card "An applied study in the bank of Al staklal"

Economic Sciences, Volume 8, Issue 29, Pages 210-260

The Research aimed to find a mode for the contemporary fund systems . This will aim to attain the effectiveness in the contemporary finance products and develop then . Also it will take in to considerate to find new tools and financial paper in order to extract new financial tools and ways to satisfy the investors needs or their fund demands for their fund tools . Therefore , it will be used new financial methods which are not used in Banks such as The credit card and new kinds of stock and bonds . the credit cards contributes , as a tool to satisfy the monetary obligations , in selling and buying operation instead of carrying money .
The study used the analytical mode depending on a questionnaire was prepared for that aim . The study got to some suggestions , such as the profit and loss indicators in The bank of Al staklal in Basrah . This Bank suffered from losses. Also , the card shows that it is a style for serving the society in reducing the unemployment and inflation .

Using some statistical techniques to forecast the consumption

Economic Sciences, Volume 8, Issue 29, Pages 261-297

Saudi Arabia has witnessed great development in all fields and especially in the production and consumption of electrical energy. This has been attributed to the state philosophy in promotion this sector through economic development projects in order to up raise the level which serve the Saudi individual.
The electrical energy consumption in Saudi Arabia is effected by many economic variables such as population, individuals income…etc. All these led to disparity in electrical energy consumption between sectors. The paper deals with the following topics:
1. The development of electrical energy sector in Saudi Arabia.
2. The development of the relationship between generating capability and the maximum demands on electrical energy.
3. The development of consumed electrical energy in sectors.
4. Analyze the effects of some economic variables on electrical energy consumption function in Saudi Arabia.
5. Using some statistical techniques in forecasting the expected demand for electrical energy in Saudi Arabia.