ISSN: 1814-9669

Volume 7, Issue 25

Volume 7, Issue 25, Winter 2011, Page 1-156

The Essence of Corporate Governance

Hashem Ramadan Algazaary

Economic Sciences, Volume 7, Issue 25, Pages 1-32

The system of Corporate Governance is a new slogan that many countries adopt and work on for it is a part of the economic globalization system. Some global organizations started hard and continuous work to set global rules for Corporate Governance to be adopted by countries, especially the developing ones for their economic benefits. Adopting these rules can bring the foreign and local investments. This system affirms the principals of transparency of dealing with companies and makes them work according to certain rules and under the supervision of monitoring institutions to help them not to commit any mistakes that will affect the national economy.
Iraq is badly in need for such rules for it is about to start a big investment process which, in turn, needs a legislations of new rules that facilitate the investment process, such as the investment law, the companies law, credit market law, and the banks law. To be fixed to Corporate Governance rules will facilitate the application of these rules correctly to serve Iraqi economy.

Design of a matrix for change management techniques based on traits of knowledge competitive

Taher Mohsin Ghalibi

Economic Sciences, Volume 7, Issue 25, Pages 33-60

Change becomes a continuous of assured phenomena that directs business organization. The intensity of change has increased in the age of competitive knowledge. Organization has many techniques to deal with change. The development of such techniques were evolutionary at the beginning to help organization to adapt to changing environment. The scope and depth of change areas render the evolutionary nature of the techniques to be unsuccessful. Therefore, organizations. Responded by developing revolutionary and creative techniques to deal with the rapid changes. In this research we developed a matrix that built, on the location of change (inside and outside the organization), and the level and scope of change and its requirements (small or large change). These aspects are hoped to help organization to survive and grove depending on their abilities to deal with different situations of charge.

The role of Saudi Oil Policies in stability of international Oil Market

Nada Abdel Qader

Economic Sciences, Volume 7, Issue 25, Pages 61-81

The research aims to describe the role and selection of senior management in the process of continuous improvement. The research has been carried out in the stat company for producing the fertilizer (Basra), relying on the hypothesis said (That there are relationship & Moral influence for the senior management in improving continuous process of improvement of quality).
A Questionnaire is developed for the purpose of data collection, included four variables which is interpreted by about 16 paragraphs, and distributed to the sample of the intentional (40) single.
The most important result of the research is the emergence of a clear role to the activities of the operations in the process of continuous improvement of quality, but the effectiveness of that role need to describe more clearly for the way of lead the senior management towards the continuous improvement of quality

The relation ship of analyzing quality cost and Improving return with cost reduction

Uday Safa al-Din al-Battat

Economic Sciences, Volume 7, Issue 25, Pages 82-110

This research aimed to discover and improve the positive relation ship between analyzing the quality costs and improving retun on quality and decreasing the costs. Also it depended on hypothesis which said ¨is it possible that analyzing the quality costs refelcted its impect positivily upon the return on quality and decreasing the costs?¨. Therefore this research has been performed in the state company for producing freti lizing . The factory has been taken as acase study depending on the quantitive data. The result have shown the positive impact for the preventation cost on the impoving the return and decreasing the costs .

The Guarantee on Demand

Ganee Resan Jader

Economic Sciences, Volume 7, Issue 25, Pages 111-132

The guarantee on Demand unregulated in legislation which a bank promise to paid money to the beneficiary according to the acceptation by him to the obligation of the guarantor in the guarantee without the bank cannot unpaid the money to a beneficiaries through performance of the guarantor to execute his according to the first contract between the two .
This research will show such process through the following analysis .

The Role of Investment Funds in activating The Islamic investment

Akhlas Baqer Al Najjar

Economic Sciences, Volume 7, Issue 25, Pages 133-156

In the shadow of the developments that the international financial market behold, the importance of investment Funds are increased ,according to the role which play to attract the money of some people. The Islamic Banks look to the investment as a development to develop the society, Putting into consideration, when they put a plan, the quality of the service, The aims of social cooperation and religious beliefs .
There are many types of investment Funds classified according to the volume of the Funds, geographic bases , investment policies and others .