ISSN: 1814-9669

Volume 7, Issue 28

Volume 7, Issue 28, Autumn 2011, Page 1-232

the negative impacts of commercial damping in Iraq

Mahdi Salih Hantoosh

Economic Sciences, Volume 7, Issue 28, Pages 1-18

The subject concentrated on how to deal with operation of commercial dumping in Iraq through explaining the dumping operation and its damages . that is، of course will lead to solve Iraq problems and start to build its economy on new scientific bases to get to development .
in order to cover these subjects، the research contained about nine points، starting from dumping، its kinds and its conditions، and trading policy in Iraq . finally it dealt with the reasons of dumping operation and its effects on Iraq economy and the suggestion to face the dumping . the researcher got some points by which، he thought to face the dumping .
these points are :-
1- activating the las which concern with preventing the dumping operation according to the code No.23 for the year 1984 . and also، activating the law of production of Iraq products، which the parliament of Iraq has issued in year 2009 .
2- it is necessary to every trader to get licenses to import، that the Iraq trade chamber issued .
3- it should return to use the laws and procedures of the industrial development foundation and activate the Agriculture and agricultural bank procedures that is suitable to Iraqi economy .

Economical &Technical Feasibility Study for produce Citric Acid from Molasses in Plantation Cane in Misan

Fadil Jomaa Jabeer

Economic Sciences, Volume 7, Issue 28, Pages 19-39

In this study, the citric acid and the procedure of its production world- wide were defined .The using of citric acid as industrial uses like the Pharmacia industries and the lathers industries etc, Feasibility study for production a citric acid from molasses has been conducted, consideration was given to the local prices of molasses and the expected future production based on citric acid price as using as industrial use. The study revealed poor economic return from molasses due to fluctuation of prices between 15-50 $ /ton aboard and approximately 65$/ton locally .
The results of these estimations were evaluated and presented in from tables, and the project passed in economical consideration

System of Taxes in Iraq "Status and Chlauging "

Ali taleb Shihab

Economic Sciences, Volume 7, Issue 28, Pages 40-61

Taxes is one of financial policy important tools. Through taxes the government can make revenues which it needed to finance it's public expenditure. Beside to it helps in economic and social stability . Although Iraq is one of oldest nations which issued taxes rules the role of taxes in public revenues still limited because Iraq still fully depended on oil revenue, beside the economic problems and economic and social upsets.
Taxes policy suffered too much during the four last decades , and couldn't achieve it's goals. Generally the Iraqi taxes system suffered from a lot of problems which we can see that in standards of taxes , multiplicity methods of estimation, multitude of exemptions and rely on indirect taxes in Iraqi structure taxes. Besides of a very important problem which is escaping of taxes , and the weakness in response for economic variation.
This research will study the means of taxes , importance of taxes , Iraqi taxes system , and analyze the role of taxes in Iraqi economic development , and how we can make a connection between the taxes system and the economic reforms , beside analyzing the problems which countered Iraqi taxes system.

Economic chaining and its effect on the small size Industries

Asaad Jawaad Kadham

Economic Sciences, Volume 7, Issue 28, Pages 62-80

The business of the small size industries is not organized, and there is not institutes to organize marking of its products. All those made the exchanging relationships very weak with large size industries. Therefore this relationship leads to create the industrial interlock. Besides, it will lead the weakness of the integration relationship. Of course, this will guide to create also a kinds of product centralization according to the division of work, which reflexing its shadow on rising the firm ability in innovation and competition. Small size industries considered to be the most responding than the others to the variables which appeared in the economy, but it need the studies of economic evaluation. This will increase the possibility of failure . Also, it will need market studies and effectiveness of performance . All these will reflex its ability of this action and expanding its production abroad the market around it. Following the sudden shock strategy by Iraq as a mechanism for transformation to market system and needing scientific planning, all these reflexing in negative impact on the whole sector of industry, especially the small size industries . Therefore it should be encourage the growth and development of these industries in order to take part in the economy .

Green Marketing and its impact on the Marketing performing "a practical study"

Arodaa Rashed Ali

Economic Sciences, Volume 7, Issue 28, Pages 81-111

An environmental crisis that our world facing represent an increasing pressure towards addressing these crisis caused mainly by absence and non-organized consumption of all natural resources and practicing marketing activities devoid of any social or moral desires .These crisis ;represented by climate change ,global warming ,increased acid rain and the expanded hole of the layer zone ;are the motive to many countries ,institutions and individuals to support and innovate policies and programs which protect the environment from one side ,preserve and sustain it from another side. In addition ,the most important is the human being to be an engine actor of the two directions.
The interest in treatment of these crisis has arrived to the level that Nobel Peace Prize was granted in 2007 to an organization specialized in addressing the problems of climate jointly with the former U.S. vice president (Alcor) for their continuing efforts that promoting the risks of global warming and climatic change .This represents a strong indication that the environmental problems are the most important challenges facing mankind in this century . In response to these considerations ,and as a natural result of bad marketing practices ,the green marketing appeared in the beginning of nineties decade of the last century, because of the traditional marketing activities that harmed the environment and human .
In the context of this research ,the researcher deals with the research methodology and the study method where the research is divided to four sections .The first one deals with the study justification and the research problem ,objectives ,the study method and its tool ,the model ,and the default assumptions .The second section sheds the light on the historical roots of green marketing concept ,its performance ,and its measurement indicators. While the third analyses and discusses the findings through analyzing the questionnaire form . Finally, the researcher finds a set of an important conclusions and recommendations contained in the last section.

Investigation the opportunities of involving the private sector in developing Iraqi ports business processes by using Hierarchy process theory

Ahmed Ali Ahmed Alrashed

Economic Sciences, Volume 7, Issue 28, Pages 112-158

The study aimed through the mixing between the mechanic organic structures theory for the researchers (Burn & stalker) and the value chain analysis for (Porter) to build a criteria that could be used in the analytical hierarchy process theory to formulate a quantitative model as indicator to study and diagnosis organizational structure problems and investigating the opportunities of involving the private sector in achieving and developing the Iraqi ports business processes , One of the most important conclusions that the study arrived at is that the nature of the management orientation of the Iraqi ports administrations form a major obstacle against activating the opportunities of utilizing the role of the private sector in achieving and developing the Iraqi ports business processes .

Measure the performance of the University of Mosul and evaluation using the Balanced Scorecard: A Case Study

Alaa Ahmed Hassen

Economic Sciences, Volume 7, Issue 28, Pages 159-199

Received the Balanced Scorecard attention of many researchers, perhaps most notably (Kaplan and Norton, 2004), as they tried to recruit this card to measure the strategic performance of organizations through the perspectives of the four, as I returned this card from a doorway important to measure and evaluate the performance of organizations, will be for their integrated perspective of performance, which contributes to the knowledge of organizations of different activities of the strengths and strengthened, and the shortcomings and correct them. Here emerged the importance of adopting the card in the business organizations in general and education in particular, measurement and evaluation of performance through the card in the field of higher education adding to the benefits of additional benefits the former, perhaps including the achievement of the continuing evolution of methods, tools and means used by universities to achieve their goals, and the development of these objectives to meet the evolving needs of society and the imperatives of growth and development, renewable energy.
So came the current study, the possibility of adopting a target this card and adapted to measure and evaluate the performance of the University of Mosul, as the field of the current study. The possibility of adapting this card to assess the performance of the university.
The present study aimed, through a series of assumptions that were built based on the answers to the questions raised in the problem of the study to recognize the reality of the quality of educational services and consulting as well as evaluating a manner that reflects the effectiveness of the University's performance to its customers, and to identify the investment in research and development as reflects the effective functioning of the operations of the University of the Interior, as well as monitoring capacity of the University in the development of human capital. Organizational and cognitive development, through the study of differences moral between the quality of educational services and advice offered by the university, and test the differences significant investment in research and development and innovation, and test the moral of non-moral development of human capital, and organizational and knowledge.
The study population consisted of graduate students research stage at the University of Mosul, deans and department heads of the colleges, have been distributed (222) form questionnaire prepared for this purpose has been retrieved (181) identifying valid, the study finds multiple results, including:
1. Monitor that the attention of the university to expel the most notable quality of the concrete, as well as a consulting provided by the university. The university is because it was keen to complete the mission as well as the originality and the absence of a competitor in the province which highlighted these dimensions.
2. Emphasized that the university conducting innovation. It should be noted that the percentage of agreement was not a level that suggests a planned operation in the internal processes, which emerged as the efforts of individual faculty gentlemen.
3. Turned out the emergence of human capital in the Learning and growth perspective of the University, although he was not the required level, as we look at the average, due prominence because the teaching staff of the University, which contains the elite of the march of science is defined at the country level at least.
4. Observed significant differences of perspective Ozubaini, and the absence of significant differences between the perspective of internal processes and showed it through a non-existent or weak presence of investment returns derived from their study and development. The weakness of seeking the field under examination to reward excellence in the study, development, and made no attempt to provide customizations adequate financial support for scientific activities. The present possible facilities for carrying out research and dissemination, as well as he did not notice a significant difference to the perspective of learning and growth, which indicates the immersion university administration, the administrative work and strengthen this point of view that the dimensions of existence through the description and diagnosis, but they are not influential in the field.
Finally the study concluded that a set of recommendations that have been drawn in the light of the results reached by the researchers.

Using of Vision Programming Language in solving some Doolittle applications

Zaenab sabeh Jwomaa

Economic Sciences, Volume 7, Issue 28, Pages 200-232

According to the importance of the Doolittle method in finding the inverse of the symmetric matrix to construct the table of analysis of variance for simple and multiple linear regression. In addition it used to solve the linear equations. Because Of unavailability of this method in the statistical application of software such as Minitab and SPSS, for the programmable cods for Doolittle method to find the table of analysis of variance for simple and multiple linear regression in addition to display the two matrices of summations for X and for XY Besides to find a solution for the linear equations are written to help the researchers in this field .