ISSN: 1814-9669

Volume 6, Issue 22

Volume 6, Issue 22, Spring 2009, Page 1-214

Characteristics of employed and unemployed people in the private sector in Basrah 2007

Hossam aldeen Zaki Binayan

Economic Sciences, Volume 6, Issue 22, Pages 1-41

The subject which we are dealing with has undertaken the feature of the people who work and those who are unemployed in Basrah.
In order to highlight this problem we have used a survey taking into consideration all the parts of region. Therefore we depended on two questionnaires to perform the aim to get to the consequences. The questionnaires have been distributed by a team of about 33 members. They performed the task and collected the information form the regions of Basrah .
We used a model to analyze the information getting the final results that concern with the employed and unemployed people. So , all features can be shown through the following pages of this research .

" The impact of economic factor on the making of foreign policy ,study in economic philosophy of Iraq and other polices and it's impact on the making of it's foreign policy to the period from 2003 - 2008 "

Aqeel Abed Mohammed Jaseem

Economic Sciences, Volume 6, Issue 22, Pages 42-73

This research highlight the prelateship between the economic and political factor in drawing the political maps for the Word as a whole, that Iraq is represented one of them .
This Role has effective impact in Iraq, spicily after the Year 2003, which appeared clearly through the relationship between growth of economic capacity on one hand, and the post which the state capture in the political system from other hand .
This Means that it is difficult to serpent between economics and politic and it would be hard to put abound between them, therefore they said that there are two face for one currency. It is important to point to a truth which said that the economic factor plays the great and strong role in affecting the external policy. That mean when the benefit of Iraq. Would be attained, that of course, make the Iraq plays the effective role on internal and external level .

A Study of New Law of Iraqi Gas and Oil with Emphasize on Production Sharing Aggregates (PSA)

Sami Ubaid Mohmmed

Economic Sciences, Volume 6, Issue 22, Pages 74-97

Iraq was country that nationalized its Oil after a lunge sacrifices. Also Iraq depended heavily on its own abilities be develop its Oil industry, in order to improve and enlarge the production of Oil .
As Iraq owning a lunge Oil reserves it is unfair to leave of nationalized and allow the foreign companies to shave in our Oil wealth in turn it is possible to develop Oil fields by using contracts with nationalization and national sovereignty

The effect of Environment Agreements on oil Industry in Arab Gulf Countries

Yahya Hammoud Hassn

Economic Sciences, Volume 6, Issue 22, Pages 98-127

this research aims to highlight the dimensions of the environmental pollution problem, the role of Oil in declining environment, the international agreement, and the effect of carbon taxes on exporting of Arab Gulp countries to Oil. Also the research taking in to consideration the dimensions of the Oil environmental pollution the international agreement that dealing with changing the climate and reduction of pollution. It also dealing with the following points :
1- using taxes as a tool to affect the consumption of Oil .
2- sizing of the increasing in Oil consumption .
3- Affecting the Oil prices .
4- Distribution the Economic Rout Oil internationally .

Measure and Analyzes The Digital Gap in Arab Land

Akhlass Baqer Al Najjar

Economic Sciences, Volume 6, Issue 22, Pages 189-214

Removing the Digital illiteracy in Arab countries is considered to be very important factor to remove the digital Gap. That will need the understanding people for that technology and increasing the effects of development. Of cause this subject will become very important and Arab countries should take it into respect. That means, Arab countries must adopte such technique and Applying practical steps to increase investment in human resources and Digital Economy .