ISSN: 1814-9669

Volume 5, Issue 17

Volume 5, Issue 17, Winter 2008, Page 1-143

Factors affecting Free zones in LDCS.

Jalil She; an Thamad Baidhani

Economic Sciences, Volume 5, Issue 17, Pages 15-36

Factors affecting Free zones in LDCS.
This study aims to identitY the more important factors, which affect realizing the free zones goals.
The main conclusion of this study is to stress the vital role of
governments and their proper economic and political policies in order to make the expected advantages from the free zones possible. Therefore, this study aims to explain the implications of such economic and political

The role of foreign direct investment in the movement of Arab

Abbas Jabbar al-Shara

Economic Sciences, Volume 5, Issue 17, Pages 37-58

The role of foreign direct investment in the movement of Arab
The trend of the Arab industerization indicates that the foreign direct investment has associated with the beginning of the industrial revolution looking for the foreign marks and seeking for resources in the developing courtiers. With the development of the industrial production the movement of international capital the world witness a huge flow of capitals un order to invest in the developing countries. This movement took a shape of FDI. Some of economists were took place against the FDI and others were with it. They believe that the FDI could play an important role to develop those countries who welcomed FDI. This research trey to study this matter.

The PrOblem of unemployment in Basrah City Pavements Trade as a Model

Abdul Razzaq Yousef Nasrallah

Economic Sciences, Volume 5, Issue 17, Pages 75-96

The unemployment represents one of the main challenges that are facing (confronting) Basrah governorate. As and economic phenomenon, unemployment is caused by several factors such as the rapid increasing rate of population growth in the governorate, which has been, estimated around 3 % annually. This percentage increase was regard as a relatively high one in the worldwide scale. The economic activation in Basrah was not perfectly sufficient to create adequate labor opportunities, to meet the increasing labor supply in the labor market in the city, because of the limited productive base of the industrial sector, that was suffer from decreasing productive capacity. In addition to the massive destruction of the previous wars that destroy economic infrastructures and the economic blockade form the past twelve years did their negative effects and did not permit the state to increase its investments or expenditures in Basrah specially because its is

a boarder city . As a result, unemployment in the public sector has witnessed an obvious decline.

Our study tries to cast some lights on the unemployment problem in Basrah city, which is namely represented in the pavements trade. We will try to analyses the distance, the causes, and then put some suitable solution for it.

Linear Programming Sensitivity Analysis by Suing Transportation Method

Radi Abdullah Ali

Economic Sciences, Volume 5, Issue 17, Pages 97-110

Linear Programming Model represents, as a mathematical form of the economic problems solving these problems cannot do unless some requirements would be available. The availability of these requirements male it possible to formulate them into mathematical relation ship, which is suitable with the real position of the economic problems there fore it can be formulated the gender model of the linear programming in which, the transportation problems candela to be one of there programming that contained the following points:
1. Objective function, inumed to decide the aim of any economic problem hence it would be put only one aim and that could be maximal or minimize the function.
2. Constraints for every goal there would be its own constraints. These constraints are economic or natural. The ( all , al2 , ... , amn) are the parameters of the model, (b, , b2 , '" , bn) are the available resources.
3. Non - negativity constraints: This constraint represented and there would be no possibility of finding productive activities for the problem and in negative quantity.

Analysis of profit indicator in Al Rasheed bank (1996-2000)

Mohammed Badr Abdul-Hussein Riahi

Economic Sciences, Volume 5, Issue 17, Pages 135-143

This Research aimed at explaining the effect of economic Embargo in the Rasheed Bank on profits, and chosen as a research sample the Rasheed Bank and using the annual Report and Balance sheet of the Bank to explain the effect at period from ] 996 to 2000. The Research has some conclusion and has some recommendation.