ISSN: 1814-9669

Volume 4, Issue 16

Volume 4, Issue 16, Autumn 2005, Page 1-181

the economic impects of the forrgen labours on the GCC

Amjad Sabah al-Asadi

Economic Sciences, Volume 4, Issue 16, Pages 25-40

The market labor in GCC has suffered from many problems, it's because the development policies which is the GCC countries follow it over along years. This is problem's became with the time more difficulty and needed too hardness solutions, the same problems became biggest with the time especially under globalization, privatization and open markets, and from other hand they left it with out any write and suitable solutions. The foreigner labor workers was the main problems inside the GCC economy this is workers how's coming in largest numbers which leading to creation a big problems in GCC economy like: transferring money outside the GCC economy, deformation the economy structure, unemployment between the gulf citizen, lower women contributor in economic activity.

studying of affecting (the state,joy,eusy to use) on using the computer by using the critical path analysis

Abdul al athem drefish jabaar

Economic Sciences, Volume 4, Issue 16, Pages 95-124

The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of three main factors on using personal computer (PC) in work environment. These factors are (Image, ease of use and perceived fun) .A sample of 72 PC users of Thi-Qar university staff was taken in the study and data were analyzed by using path analyze.
The study concluded that there is a set of affecting correlation .It was founded that exogenous variable (image)has direct and indirect significant positive effect on dependent variable (pC usage)in two aspects (frequency and number of usage).The study found out that there is a direct effect of endogenous variables (ease of use and perceived fun) on dependent variable. The study has not indicated an indirect effect for the last two endogenous variables on dependent variable.
The results of analyze indicated that image hopefully gained by user comes first , perceived fun secondly and then the ease of use. Many implication and indications were discussed through the study ,all of which were raised by theoretical review or derived from results of the study.
The study ended whit recommendation stressing the importance of such factors and the need of exploiting them to enhance using PC.