ISSN: 1814-9669

Volume 4, Issue 15

Volume 4, Issue 15, Summer 2005, Page 1-194

Economies of Electronic Trade in GCCs

Haitham abdullah salman

Economic Sciences, Volume 4, Issue 15, Pages 20-49

Electronic Trade is considered as one of globalize economy axis, which has been widely used after informational and technological revolution, and the appearance of international economic relations, which are characterized by knowledge and innovation. International economies have invested all available opportunities in industry, agriculture, commerce, services, etc, in addition to providing the best ways for alternate opportunity production. facilitating commercial exchange, providing goods that have never been available, and increasing capital efficiency and productivity. Due to its advantages, GCCs have adopted electronic trade in their commercial exchange to raise the economic development level of their economies.

the importance of changing mode of thinking in designing systems of Accounting intormations

Issam Younis; Abdul-Zahra

Economic Sciences, Volume 4, Issue 15, Pages 137-151

The Purpose of this Research is to study the Importance of Cognitive Variables in Designing Accounting Information System. The Cognitive Variable Represent the self - Style for Processing The Accounting Information by the Decision - Maker.
The Cognitive theory show that the Differences in Personality Between the Decision Maker will Effect the Method that the Decision Makers Collect and Process Information to Use it in Decision Making Process, so that the Person Who have Different Cognitive Style Will Work With Accounting Information that Congruence with his Cognitive Style and this Matter will Effect on the Effectiveness of Accounting Information System.